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Bus advertisement (wrapping bus service information ♪)

[Our route bus will carry your message and event information♪]

Watabe Wedding Takasaki store wrapping bus ♪ (Takasaki Station-Aeon Takasaki Gunma Onsen-Shibukawa Station)
 Our busWrapping advertisements are attracting attention from many sponsors and customers as a medium following the four mass media such as TV, newspapers, and magazines because of the characteristics of the medium closely related to the region.
 This is to attach the advertisement printed on the special film sticker to the outside and both sides of the bus vehicle.Bus wrapping is a running advertising towerTherefore, unlike installation signs, you can expect effective advertising to customers and expand business opportunities. Please use it as an attractive new medium that enhances your company's liking.

Posted example (Keyaki Walk Maebashi: Special specification full wrapping bus)


Characteristics of our advertisement

◎According to client's needsFrom oneCan be prepared
◎ The routeNakage and Kitage area in the prefectureCovers all major roads
Reasonable priceSo you can reach every corner of the city for a long time
◎You can freely set the advertising period from short term to long term
◎ The range of utilization will be infinite depending on the customer's plan
◎ You can also use it for event guidance by renting out

Advertisement list

1. When using a shared bus vehicle (A/B area)
 (1) Full wrapping
 (2) Half wrapping
   (3) Flat surface wrapping
   (4) Rear wrapping
2. Express Bus (Express Bus Area)
   (1) Full wrapping
   (2) Rear whole surface wrapping
  *Please contact us for details, as some express buses operate year-round and some operate for a limited time.
3. Apple issue (A district)
 (1) Full wrapping
 (2) Full rear lapping
 (3) Rear half wrapping
4. Other advertisements
   (1) Commercial CM broadcast
   (2) In-car advertisement (B3 poster on the window, leaflet)
 (3) Bus stop advertisement (sticker, etc.)
* Area A (Maebashi/Takasaki/Shibukawa area)
* Area B (Tone Numata/Azuma area)
*Highway bus area (Gunma-Saitama/Chiba/Tokyo/Yamanashi area)

Number of trains operated/service district

【scheduled bus】
Operating number: 141 (including highway bus)
Route bus: Maebashi, Takasaki, Shibukawa, Tone Numata, Agatsuma
Express Bus: Chiba Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Yamanashi Prefecture
*Excluding charter and specific buses
Operating number: 29
Service area: Shibukawa/Tone Numata
As of 2021.12.1


Kanetsu Trading Co., Ltd.
377-0002-XNUMX Nihonzutsumi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, XNUMX-XNUMX Japan
608 Nakajima, Nakamura, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture
Sales Department Vehicle / Advertising / Hagiwara
Phone: 0279-22-2020 FAX: 0279-20-1902
*Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (9:00 to 17:30) / Reception hours
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