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Information on Discount Tickets

Ikaho Line Free Ticket

◆One-day free ticket for Ikaho Line
Adult 800 yen Child 400 yen
◆ 2 days free ticket for Ikaho Line
Adult 1200 yen Child 600 yen
○ Free section (common to 1st and 2 days)
Shibukawa Station-Shibukawa Skyland Park-Ikaho Onsen/Ikaho Haruna Exit
○Special discount facility ticket along Shibukawa city
○ Place of sale Inside the bus or on the smartphone app "Bus Mori!"
      * Only adults can sell at "BusMori!".
*How to purchase at "Bus Mori!"
① Download the smartphone app "Bus Mori!"
② Tap purchase of commuter pass
③ ・Prefectures (Gunma Prefecture) ・Companies (Kanetsu Kotsu Co., Ltd.) ・Routes (Kanetsu Kotsu Bus-free ticket)
 ・ System (Ikaho Onsen area * Excluding Gunma Bus and Town Bus)
 ・ Ticket type (Please select from 1 adult, 2 people, 3 people, 4 people, 5 people)
 ・ Usage period (Please select from 1 or 2 days)
 ・ Ride) Stop (Shibukawa / Ikaho area)
 ・ Felling) Stop (Shibukawa / Ikaho area)
③ Enter the start date and user information
④ Check basic information and pay
⑤Ticket will be issued. Please show the screen to the crew when using.
*When presenting for the first time, please receive the facility guide voucher (above privilege: facility discount voucher along the Shibukawa city) from the crew.
*No refund will be given after purchase.
*If the ticket cannot be displayed due to a malfunction of the terminal or running out of charge, the normal fare will be charged.
 Please note that refunds are not possible.

Sarugakyo Line Free Ticket

◆ 1-day free ticket for Sarugakyo Line
○Free section Jomokogen Station-Takumi no Sato
Adult 1400 yen Child 700 yen
◆Sarugakyo Line 2-day free ticket
○ Free section Jomokogen Station-Takumi no Sato-Sarugakyo
Adult 2000 yen Child 1000 yen
○ Place of sale
Tone Numata Wide-area Tourist Information Center (Jomokogen Station Building)
Minakami Town Tourism Association (Jomokogen Station)
○ Benefits
Takuminosato facility discount ticket

Oze and Yumoto Onsen-Kamata Line various tickets

◆ Nikko Oze Discount Pass
○ Free section Kanetsu Kotsu: Yumoto Onsen-Kamada-Oze Tokura
       Tobu Bus: Tobu Nikko-Yumoto Onsen
〇Release period June XNUMXst-October XNUMXth, XNUMX
〇 Validity period 4 days
〇 Fee Round trip free Adults 5500 yen Children 2750 yen
       One-way free Adults 3300 yen Children 1650 yen
〇 Release location Tobu Nikko Station Tourist Center
       Kanetsu Kotsu Kamada Sales Office
◆ Nikko-Shirane Ropeway Set Ticket
○ Contents Kanetsu Kotsu: Yumoto Onsen-Nikko-Shirane Ropeway Bus Round-Trip Ticket
       Nikko Shirane Ropeway Round-Trip Ticket
〇Release period June XNUMXst-October XNUMXth, XNUMX
〇 Validity period Only on the day of boarding the bus
〇 Fee Adults 3300 yen Children 1800 yen
〇 Release location Tobu Nikko Station Tourist Center

◆ Oze crossing bus ticket
○ Contents A: Aizu Kogen Station-Oike / Numayama Pass Bus Ticket
        B: Hatomachi Pass-Oze Tokura Shuttle Bus Ticket
        C: Oze Tokura-Jomokogen Station Bus Ticket

〇 Release period May 2022-October 6, 1
〇 Sales amount Adult
 5,030 yen Child 2,520 yen

〇 Sales window ■ "Minakami Town Tourism Association" in Jomokogen Station

       ■ Aizu Kogen Ozeguchi Station "Relaxing House"

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