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Azalea Go (Narita Airport Line)

Currently, due to the new coronavirus infection, the Azalea is suspended for the time being from Sunday, April 2020, 4.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Information for Azalea

Operation formHigh-speed shared bus (routed bus)
Operating company
Kan-etsu Kotsu Co., Ltd.
 Chiba Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Actual vehicle distanceAbout 219km-241km
Time required (expected)
About 3 hours 40 minutes to 5 hours 10 minutes
1 crew
Optional insurance/mutual insurance
Unlimited personal compensation
Boarding place
by clicking here for more information
Seat 4 rows
There is a toilet (* with Otohime)
Free Wi-Fi 
Air purifier       
* Outlet    
* Some vehicles are not equipped

Contact Us

Azalea Information Center
027-212-3000 (8: 30 ~ 17: 30)

How to buy a ticket

For Narita Airport

・The day of boardingFrom a month agoWill be on sale. Please purchase at the following [Ticket Sales Office].
・Advance reservations are not required for ticket purchase before the deadline.
・The deadline is17 pm the day before the boarding dateis. (Reservation simultaneous ticketing at the convenience store is until 16:30. If there are vacant seats, it can be used on the day as well
 Please check with the information center)
・For children under 6 years old, please pay the child fare to secure a seat. It is recommended to secure a seat for safety.
 [Ticket sales office]
1. Kanetsu Transportation Sales Offices/Designated Sales Offices
   Please come to the contact below.
   The sale time is until 17:30 of the business hours of each counter.
Operating OfficePlaceHandling ticket
4,750 yen4,500 yen
Numata Operating OfficeHaruna Town, Numata City
Kamata Operating OfficeKatashina Village Kamata-
Shibukawa Operating OfficeShibukawa Ishihara
Maebashi Operating OfficeMaebashi City Soja Town
Agatsuma Operating OfficeNakanojo Town Nakanojo
Maebashi Station Bus Information CenterMaebashi station yard Inside Vento Maebashi 
Gunma University Co-op AramakiAramaki Town, Maebashi City
Gunma University Co-op ShowaMaebashi City Showa Town
Maebashi TaikidoMaebashi Honmachi
HIS Maebashi Sales OfficeMaebashi City Keyaki Walk in Maebashi
HIS Takasaki Sales OfficeRenjaku Town, Takasaki City
Happy World Co., Ltd.Renjaku Town, Takasaki City
Takasaki University of Economics Co-opTakasaki University of Economics
Lalan Fujioka Tourist Product CenterFujioka City Lanlan Fujioka-
2. Travel agency/travel agency
   Please come directly to the travel agency/travel agency window near you.
  (JTB, JR East View Plaza, Kinki Nippon Tourist, Nippon Travel Agency, Nokyo Tourist Corporation, Tobu Toptours, other branches, sales offices, agencies)
   The sale time is until 17:30 of the business hours of each counter.
   When purchasing at a travel agency, in addition to the fare, a ticketing fee will be charged based on the travel agreement of each company.
  It may take some time. For details, please check at the window of each travel agency.
3. Convenience store ticketing
   It can be purchased at Lawson, FamilyMart, and Seven-Eleven multimedia terminals.
    For details, by clicking here.
Four. Internet ticketing
   You can purchase from the dedicated site (JTB Express Bus Ticket, Japan Travel Bus Plaza, Jalan Express Bus).
    For details, by clicking here.
Five. Internet reservation + convenience store ticketing
   Make a reservation from the dedicated site (JTB Expressway Bus Ticket/Departure Oh-Linet),
  You can purchase a ticket at a convenience store.
    For details, by clicking herePlease check with. (6:00~23:00)
6. Smartphone application "Bus Mori!"
   Make a reservation and make a payment from the dedicated application "Bus Mori!"
  You can use it as a ticket as it is.
    For details, by clicking here.
[Cancellation and refund of tickets]
   Ticket changes/cancellations/refunds can only be made before the departure time.
    Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or refunds after departure.
   The refund method differs depending on the ticketing location. Please check here for more information

From Narita Airport

・From Narita AirportCustomers usingOn sale on the dayIt has become.
 We do not accept advance reservations.
 Please purchase at the bus ticket counter below before boarding.
 Narita Airport Terminal 1 Central Building 1F Rail Bus / Ticket Sales Counter
  Narita Airport Terminal 2 Central Building 1F Rail Bus / Ticket Sales Counter
 Narita Airport Terminal 3 1F Bus Ticket Counter

Requests when Using the Bus

・Please take time to board as there are procedures for boarding at the airport.
・Before departing, please be sure to check the airline and terminal building you are using.
・Please note that it may be delayed due to road conditions.
・The operating company cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by delays in operation.
 Please be forewarned.In addition, the fare will not be refunded due to delays.
・No smoking inside the car. Also, please refrain from using mobile phones.
・You can check in only a suitcase (up to 30 kg) and 1 piece of baggage per person.
 Golf bags, ski snowboards, surfing boards, folding bikes, etc.
 We cannot keep it.Also, even if your baggage is lost, stolen or damaged,
 Please note that we are not responsible for this.
*Even if you exceed the number specified by our company, you may have multiple luggage depending on the availability of the trunk room on the day
 We will keep it.However, we may refuse to store multiple pieces of baggage during times of congestion.
 Please arrange "courier service" by yourself. We cannot make any arrangements.
 Please note.
・If you forget or lose your ticket, you will have to pay the fare again.
 be careful.
・A late ticket cannot be refunded or changed. Check the departure time in advance
 Please board.

Boarding place

Kanetsu traffic
Maebashi Operating Office
Maebashi Station South Exit
Kamesato parking
Takasaki Station East Exit
Fujioka interchange
Narita Airport

About parking lot

Kanetsu Kotsu Maebashi Operating Office
(Reservation required, phone number 027-210-5566 8: 30-17: 30)
1 day 350 yen
Maebashi Kamesato Parking (no reservation required)
Customers using the Maebashi Station South Exit, Takasaki Station East Exit, and Fujioka Interchange should use the general parking lot near you.
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