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Child's Fare/Discount Fares

About child fares

Age categoryFare
12 years or older (junior high school student or older)Adult fare
6 years old and under 12 years old (elementary school student)Child fare (half price of adult fare, rounded up to the nearest 10 yen)
1 year old and under 6 years old (infant)(1) When accompanied by a travel partner 6 years old or older, up to 2 infants ride for free
 (2) Child fare when boarding alone
Under 1 year old (infant)No charge
(Example 300) When two adults, one elementary school student, and two infants board the 2 yen section
   Adults (300 yen x 2 people) + elementary school students (300 yen ÷ 2 x 1 person) + infants (up to 2 people free of charge) = 750 yen
(Example 2) When boarding with 1 adult, 1 infant, and 1 baby
   → Adult fare for 1 person
(Example 3) 1 adult, 3 infants
   → Adult fare for 1 person + Child fare for 1 person
(Example 4) 1 elementary school student and 2 infants
   → Child fare for 1 person

About Discount Fares

TypeMethod of applyingDiscount rate
DisabledPerson who receives grant of certificate of the physically disabled and caregiver
Normal fare
50% discount
Regular fare (adults only) 
30% discount
Intellectually Handicapped IndividualPerson who received grant of nursing certificate and caregiver
Mentally handicapped individual
Person who received grant of mental health person health welfare notebook and caregiver
* Excluding highway buses
Applying the Child Welfare Act
Child Welfare Act Article 12-4, 41-44.
When a person who is protected and an attendant board for caring
(It is necessary to submit the prescribed fare discount certificate issued by the director of the shelter)
*Careers and attendants are applicable only when our company approves.
*Please present your physical disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, mental disability certificate, and fare discount certificate (hereinafter referred to as the certificate) at the time of payment.
 Also, presenting the smartphone app "Mirairo ID" will be accepted as a substitute for a notebook, etc.
 If you have Suica for the disabled or PASMO for the disabled, you do not need to show your notebook.
 However, in some cases, the contents of the notebook may be checked.

About the Use of Strollers

When riding with Kan-etsu Kotsu, except for some vehicles, children can ride with the provided belt fixed.
-Please turn the stroller backwards and apply the wheel stopper.
・ Auxiliary belts are installed on the seats in the car, so customers are requested to fix the belts.
Customer's own responsibility while on board: Please support the stroller firmly in and cooperate with ensuring the safety of children and other customers.
・As a general rule, customers are requested to fix and release the auxiliary belt. Although we are careful about the operation, it may stop suddenly inevitably, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding fixing with a belt.
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