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NoticeNEW[2 nights] Manza Onsen Nisshinkan Petit Hot Spring Plan

To Manza Onsen for beauty, health and healing

[2 nights] Manza Onsen Nisshinkan Petit Hot Spring Plan

Sales price2 nights 5 meals (2 room for 1 people or more) 18,450 yen(tax included)
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TEL. 0120-753-815
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[Petit hot water cure plan]
At an altitude of 1800 meters, go to Manza Onsen for beauty, health and healing.
Good health source!Manza Onsen Nisshinkan

Manza Onsen has been a hot spring resort for a long time and has brought healing to people.
Many people are healed by the miraculous healing power of the highly effective hot springs.

In addition, Nisshinkan provides not only health from hot springs, but also mental and physical health from various aspects such as diet, exercise, and environment!
Of course, there are also ways to enjoy trips such as healing the mind and casual hot spring trips that are not in everyday life ♪

☆ Petit hot water plan (XNUMX nights with XNUMX meals) ☆
Period: From Monday, September 2021, 9 to Tuesday, December 21, 12 (Saturday and the day before holidays)
Main building (Japanese-style room 10 tatami mats) All non-smoking rooms All rooms have out bath, wash basin, washlet
2 adults or more 5 nights 18,450 meals Price XNUMX yen per person (consumption tax, bath tax, handling fee included)

Evening and lunch included (buffet style)
* Please note that lunch may be a single item menu such as soba.)

* The futon on the second day (Chunichi) remains laid (only the yukata, bath towel, hand towel, toothbrush, and tea set are replaced).

★★★ How to spend time in the hall ★★★

・ Health program
We carry out various programs on a daily basis, such as gymnastics courses to move the body and knowledge of health.

・ Culture live on the clouds
In the lobby, songs and musical instrument performance messages by wonderful guest artists and Nisshinkan staff are held daily from XNUMX pm.

・ Chapel time
Once a week, we invite people who are active in various fields and pastors to give a lecture entitled Chapel Time, although it is irregular.

* We also have a paid health program.For details, please see the Nisshinkan website (

[Free shuttle bus information (reservation required)]
XNUMX flight per day ❖ Manza-Kazawaguchi Station ❖ Karuizawa Station Free shuttle bus in operation

≪Outbound route≫
Karuizawa Station South Exit Rotary 14:00 Departure (13:50 Meeting)
Manza-Kazawaguchi Station 15:10 departure
Nisshinkan Arrive at around 15:45

≪Return trip≫ 
Nisshinkan 11:00 departure
Manza-Kazawaguchi Station Arrive at around 11:35
Karuizawa Station South Exit Arrive at around 12:45

[Reservation method]
Please accept requests from the calendar from the desired accommodation date (first night date).

We will check the availability and reply by email or phone.

* This is an individual accommodation plan (not a bus tour)
* If you go by private car, studless tires are required in winter.
* There is a free shuttle bus from the station (reservation required)
* If you wish to have one room per person, you can only call us.Please contact us.
* Please contact us if you would like a bed room.
* There is no smoking room (smoking space is on the XNUMXrd floor)
* This is a XNUMX night XNUMX day plan. Please contact us if you would like to stay for XNUMX night or XNUMX nights or more.

Gokurakuyu © Nisshinkan
Longevity Yuuchi Bitter Hot Spring © Nisshinkan
Nisshinkan © Nisshinkan
Main Building Guest Room © Nisshinkan
Dinner buffet image © Nisshinkan
Dinner buffet image © Nisshinkan
Breakfast buffet image © Nisshinkan
Breakfast buffet image © Nisshinkan
Floor show © Nisshinkan
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