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Domestic travel inquiries form

Inquiry Form

Various arrangement requests  ※Required
Preferred date  ※Required
Years Month Day Hour Minute 
Total number of people  ※Required

Example: Adults - X Men and X Women, Children - X, Infants - X (please include yourself)
Customer name  ※Required
Example: Taro Sekietsu
*Please enter the name of the representative
(Full-width katakana)
Example: Kanetsu Taro
years old
Zip Code
(Half-width alphanumeric characters)
Example: 377-0002
Address  ※Required

Example: 608-1, Nakamura, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture
Phone Number  ※Required
(Half-width numbers)
Example: 0279-22-2020
Desired location (eg from Takasaki station to Tokyo station)
Email Address  ※Required

FAX Number
Example: 012-345-6789
Image authentication  ※Required
Please be sure to read the "Personal Information Protection Policy" below, and after agreeing, proceed to the confirmation screen.
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