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  Excellent Tour ✧˖ ° 

 ◎ XNUMX years of patronage Tour around the country
         Professionals who are accustomed to traveling will confidently recommend it! !! !!
   We are happy to hear from the participating customers that they can participate with peace of mind!

 ◎ Main boarding area >>
   Tone Numata, Agatsuma, Shibukawa, Maebashi
   * Free parking is also available!
    * About boarding placeFor details, click here

 ◎ A sightseeing bus guide or tour conductor will accompany you

 ◎ Planning does not compromise

◎ I will not make a busy process 

 I will stick to my meal as much as possible

◎ Only tours carefully selected by the planning meeting will be introduced.

Excellent Tour

Gunma Prefecture Bus Tour
You can participate from each boarding point of Tone Numata, Agatsuma, Shibukawa, Maebashi!

We currently have 11 travel business managers appointed. (22 itinerary managers) A travel agency handling manager is an indispensable qualification for conducting a travel business.Introducing planned tours carefully selected by the planning meeting, with unique employees who have their own hobbies and sightseeing spots, centered on the manager, planning.

Customers are pleased with the fact that "excellent tours have delicious meals" and "the content of the course is not too busy and is just right".We will continue to research travel plans that are particular about the content so as not to betray such voices!

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Born by a corona vortex
=== Microtourism ===
Born in pursuit of the local "Gunma"
Gunma x Micro Tourism = Gunma Ikuro

I was forced to refrain from going out of the prefecture, and I was forced to refrain from tours.We went around the sightseeing spots in Gunma prefecture and touched the warmth.

Since it is in the prefecture, you can start slowly and relax at sightseeing spots.Because it is a local area, we can cooperate with tourist spots and provide more particular content.

And above all, this "Gunmaikuro" is the "joy of traveling" that we want to convey.Please try a warm-hearted local trip that is not just for sightseeing spots!

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Well Ruki

Last year (2021) we took on a new challenge! !!
It's an Oze hiking tour.
I was ashamed to say that there was no staff who was familiar with mountain walking, and although I had a longing for it, I couldn't step forward, but last year."Oze Guide Yamamori"We conducted an Oze hiking tour for beginners with the title "We are also beginners!"Of course, when a professional guide accompanied us and limited the number of people to 15 so that we could listen to the guide's story, we were surprised to find that there were many customers in the same situation as us.
In the same way, if you are interested in mountain walking or want to try it for the first time in a long time, why not leave it to a mountain walking professional and walk with us ♪ In the future, besides Oze I would like to develop a mountain walking tour for beginner to intermediate class. "Yamaa Ruki" was named with the idea that mountain walking x rookie ⇒ beginners are welcome.

Rediscover the charm of Shibukawa!Bus tour-Let's feel the charm of the local area-

Shibukawa City Micro Tourism Promotion
Monitor bus tour implementation business

◎ Collaboration project between Shibukawa City x Tourism Association x City Bus Office!
◎ "Micro tourism" to enjoy sightseeing in Shibukawa
◎ Main boarding locations >>
   Shibukawa Station / Shibukawa City Hall Main Government Building / Ikaho Onsen Bus Terminal
◎ We are implementing infection prevention measures.
◎ A tour conductor or a tour conductor / bus guide will accompany you.
◎ Please cooperate with the questionnaire survey after the tour.

Departure and arrival in Gunma Prefecture!Bus tour full of individuality
Excellent Tour
 Reservation center 0120-753-815
(Business hours 9:00 to 17:30 Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and the year-end and New Year holidays)
Note) Please note that reply by email may be delayed.

-------------------- Travel planning --------------------
Gunma Governor Registered Travel Agency Type 2 382
JATA cooperating member ANTA regular member
Kanetsu Trading Co., Ltd.
General Travel Business Handling Manager Yuka Hagiwara
303, Ishihara, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture
 TEL 0279-20-1900
     FAX 0279-24-5116 
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