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I'm Kazuhiro Imai 

If you just want to make travel arrangements, you can do it online.
We strive to listen to each customer's voice, add information such as word-of-mouth and experience stories, elicit the feelings of customers, and provide optimal travel plans.

[Memories of the trip]
・ I was planning to arrive at Narita Airport due to a typhoon, but I could not land due to the typhoon and went to Kansai International Airport.I can't forget the tour guide that I hurriedly arranged for a hotel in Osaka and returned by Shinkansen the next day!
・ When I saw the accumulation of earthquake garbage and the disaster prevention office site facility in Minamisanriku-cho as seen from Mt. Hiwa on the hill in Kesennuma several years after the earthquake.
・ A drip tube from the bus seat while traveling ...?When I thought about something, a hospital-related person was giving a drip to a person with a hangover (laughs).
I ’m Yoshiyuki Kawai. 

We are the organizer of our long-selling product "Teramari Fishing Tour".
I like fishing!With one feeling, it's been XNUMX years since then ...
If you are interested or beginner, I will teach you from XNUMX locally, so it's okay!
Let's go on a sea adventure together!

In addition to fishing tours, there is a gap that I like about planning related to flower appreciation, such as the tulip festival, rape field, and Miharu Takizakura! !!

My hobbies and special skills are fishing, judo, and Instagram (laughs).

[Domestic tourist destinations that left an impression]
・ I was impressed with the night view of Mt. Hakodate!
I ’m Yuka Hagiwara. 

I like local trips such as train trips and town walks.
If you have delicious rice and dessert, it's perfect!

Taking advantage of the tour guide experience I have gained since I was 18 years old
I came up with a project that I always wanted to do ♡
We aim to create a unique, "original" and "full-course" project.
When I can go on a tour guide, I will be with the customer
I want to have a lot of fun! !! !!
Let's enjoy "travel" together ♪ ♬

[Domestic tourist destinations that left an impression]
・ Shirakami Mountains at Resort Shirakami (photo)
・ Oga's Namahage Live (Shiveringly powerful!)
・ Visit to Ise Jingu in the early morning (Encounter a wild deer while purifying in the Isuzu River!)
・ Takeda Castle Ruins (Castle in the Sky!)
・ Ride the sleeper limited express Cassiopeia (lie down on the sleeper and watch the starry sky ...)
・ Sightseeing train "Iyonada Monogatari" (Impressed by the service of the attendant and the setting sun)
My name is Namie Mikami. 

Having lived in Brazil, I am strong in languages ​​and can understand the cultures of other countries, so I plan a lot of new trips that I have never seen before!

Although he has little experience in the travel industry, he has a curious personality and loves new places, new foods and new experiences.I will go on a lot of trips, have fun, learn, and make use of everything I have absorbed through the trip!I think that there are many customers who are accustomed to traveling, so I would appreciate your guidance when you go on a tour together.thank you!

[Travel planning that left an impression]
・ We conducted a tour in collaboration with Brazilian nationality facilities so that they could learn about the culture of Brazil Town in Oizumi Town.On the day of the event, I worked with the customer as a local staff member and provided an interpreter to convey the details of the appeal to the customer, and I was able to succeed successfully.I want more people to know about Brazilian culture.

Prazer meu nome é Bruna! Sou brasileira que trabalho em uma agência de viagens japonêsa.
Fasso atendimento em português para viagens!

I ’m Kazuya Sukemori. 

My name is Akihiko Tobe. 

I'm an adult Sato. 

Departure and arrival in Gunma Prefecture!Bus tour full of individuality
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