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Produced by Miki Naganuma

My photo trip

One adult3,800 Yen(tax included)
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TEL. 0120-753-815
Recommended points!
"There is such a place around you!" Micro tourism that allows you to rediscover your hometown
Even if you've been there by yourself, when you go on a "bus tour", it looks totally different, so I'm surprised ♬
A "just right" bus tour that is slow in the morning and not late on your way home!
Please take this opportunity to experience the tour ♪ We are waiting for you to take infection prevention measures!


Departure from various places (scheduled from 9:25 to 10:00)


Road Station Onoko
★ Take a train and landscape at the Daiichi Agatsuma River Bridge.


Lita blanc
★ Lunch in a relaxed landscape with greenery and countryside


★ Healed by the scenery of the shelf area and the waterfall.


Akagi's straight road
★ The cityscape at the end of the straight road is like the sea!


Ham Workshop Global Ham Workshop
Ham and sausage using the brand "Wabuta Mochibuta"


Really cafe
Tea time while looking at Makabe Reservoir
There is also a wonderful picture book carefully selected by the landlady that I want adults to read ♪


Return to various places (around 16: 20-16: 45)

 departure date
2/9 (Wednesday), 2/17 (Thursday), 3/3 (Thursday)

Travel price
one person  3,800 Yen

 Boarding place
Shibukawa Station (departs at 9:25 and arrives at around 16:20)
Shibukawa City Hall Main Government Building ℗ (Departs at 9:35 and arrives at around 16:25)
Ikaho Onsen Bus Terminal (departs at 10:00 and arrives at 16:45)

* A parking lot is available at the main government building of Shibukawa City Hall. (Tour participants only)

★ Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes!
★ There is no tour conductor.A bus guide will accompany you.
・ The bus departs on time, so please do not be late.If you do not see it by the scheduled time, we will not be able to contact you.
・ Due to traffic conditions, it may not be possible to operate as scheduled.
・ Operating bus operator
 Kan-etsu Transportation Co., Ltd./Nichiwa Planning Co., Ltd. (Comfort Bus) / Roland Kanko Bus Co., Ltd.

・ Only those under the age of 20 need the consent of their parent or guardian.Click here for minor participation agreement
・ Junior high school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian.
・ Seat selection is not possible.Even if you make a reservation for multiple people, your seat may be separated depending on the situation.
・ Please refrain from eating and drinking alcohol on the bus to prevent infection.
・ It may not be possible to operate as scheduled due to traffic conditions.
・ Please measure your body temperature and bring a health check sheet on the morning of the day. (Departure guide enclosed)
・ Customers with a body temperature of 37,5 degrees or higher are not allowed to participate.
・ Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands and wearing a mask when boarding the bus.

© Miki Naganuma
© Miki Naganuma
© Miki Naganuma
© Miki Naganuma
© Rita Blanc
Really cafe
Really cafe
Really cafe
Ham Workshop Global Ham Workshop
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