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Within the boarding area plan

Tsukiyono Road Information Terminal

Kanetsu Kotsu Numata Sales Office

* Free parking available (limited number)

In front of Showa IC

Gunma Haramachi Station North Exit Rotary

Kanetsu Kotsu Azuma Sales Office

* Free parking available (limited number)

In front of Shibukawa station [Click here for details ⇒]

* Free parking available (limited number)

Shibukawa City Hall entrance bus stop

Maebashi Station South Exit

Kamesato parking

* Paid parking lot available (350 yen per day / car)

In front of the east exit of Takasaki Station

* Only some prefecture courses (Gunmaikuro) can be boarded.
* Out-of-prefecture tours (excellent tours) cannot be boarded.
In the point card plan 
 Information on point cards
It is not possible to use the tour other than our sponsored tour or exchange it for cash.
Not available for multiple tours.In addition, only the registered person can use it.
Bass tour anchor recruitment

Bus tour gift application form

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Example: 608-1, Nakamura, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture
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Please be sure to read the "Personal Information Protection Policy" below, and after agreeing, proceed to the confirmation screen.
Thank you for your application and cooperation.Winning announcement will be replaced by shipping prizes.We look forward to your participation again.
We will strive to create better tours based on your opinions and impressions.thank you for your help.
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