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Oze Go (Seasonal Operation)

Operation period

From Friday, 2022 5, 27 to Sunday, 2022 10, 16

Information for Oze

Operation formHigh-speed shared bus (routed bus)
Operating companyKan-etsu Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Kawagoe sightseeing car
Actual vehicle distanceAbout 183km to about 193km
Required Time
Daytime flight 4 hours 40 minutes
Night flight 5 hours 50 minutes
driver1 crew
 (Night flights change in Numata City)
Optional insurance/mutual insuranceUnlimited personal compensation
Boarding placeby clicking here for more information
Seat 4 rows
In-carriage toilet
(Depending on the operational status of the vehicle(There may be no toilet)
(There is a restroom break at SA)

Operating timetable

2022 timetable
Busta Shinjuku 4FBoarding
Nerima Station (in front of the ward office)Boarding
7:057:4522:30Oze TokuraBoarding13:3014:20
Kawagoe Station West ExitBoarding
||||23:35Tsuchiide OnsenBoarding13:3514:25
Numata interchange Iriguchi
Getting off
Fukiware no TakiGetting off
Hanasaku entrance
Hanasaku entrance
Getting off
10:0510:453:05Fukiware no TakiBoarding13:5814:4815:2815:58
KamataGetting off
Numata interchange Iriguchi
Tsuchiide OnsenGetting off
10:2511:053:25KawagoeGetting off16:0516:55
Oze TokuraGetting off
10:3011:103:30Kawagoe Station West ExitGetting off||17:10
OshimizuGetting off
10:5011:303:50Nerima Station (in front of the ward office)Getting off17:0018:05
   Busta Shinjuku 3FGetting off17:3018:35
The ● mark runs from 2022 5, 27 to 2022 10, 15
 ○ indicates operation from 2022 5, 28 to 2022 10, 16
*The rest areas (toilet) are as follows.
*Seat reservation system
 Daytime flight: Miyoshi PA or Yorii PA, Akagi Kogen SA
 Night trains: Miyoshi PA, Komayose PA


XNUMX Oze fare calendar

(2021-04-28, 111KB)

Please see here for fares.

Oze flyer (2022)

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For details, please see the Tobu Toptours Co., Ltd. website from the banner above.

Inquiries (calls from IP phones are not accepted)

Oze Express Bus Information Center 0120-53-0215 (8: 30-17: 30 Open all year round) 

Ticket sales method

◇ Tickets are on sale from 1 month to 2 days before the departure date at 17. 
◇ Please contact the Oze Information Center from 2days before 17 to the day before the departure date.
(Oze Information Center: 0120-53-0215)
◇If there are vacant seats, you can use it on the day.
 * Please contact the Numata Sales Office (0278-23-1111) for availability on the day.
・For children under 6 years old, please pay the child fare to secure a seat. It is recommended to secure a seat for safety.

Ticket sales location

0. Departure Purchased at Orai Net
Departure all-in-one ( make a reservation at.
 (5: 00 ~ 26: 00)
Payment Method
・ Credit card payment
・ Convenience payment
 Seven-Eleven (payment slip)
 Lawson Ministop (Loppi)
 FamilyMart (multi-copy machine)

1. Online sale
It is on sale at the following travel agency website.
Please check the website for detailed usage. (2 days before boarding until 17:00)
JTB (6: 00 ~ 23: 00)
Japan Travel 00 ~ 26: 00)
2. Smartphone application "Bus Mori!"
 Make a reservation and make a payment from the dedicated application "Bus Mori!"
  You can use it as a ticket as it is.
   For details, by clicking here.
3. Gunma Information Center (Gunma-chan family) 
(11:00~19:00 *Tickets are sold until 17:00 / Open all year round, except year-end and New Year holidays)
7-10-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo The ORB Luminous 1-2 floor
・Subway Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line, Ginza Line "Ginza Station" A3, A5 exit 4 minutes walk
・ From Exit A1 of Higashi-Ginza Station on the Subway Hibiya Line and Toei Asakusa Line 5 minutes walk
・8 minutes walk from JR Ginza Exit of "Shimbashi Station" of JR/Subway Ginza Line, Toei Asakusa Line
See below for details.

4. Major sales outlets
·Travel agency 
・ Basta Shinjuku
・Oze Forestry Co., Ltd. Oshimizu Rest Area (in front of Oshimizu Bus Stop)
・Niishima Shoten (in front of Doide Onsen bus stop)
・Kanetsu Kotsu Kamata Office (in front of Kamata Bus Stop)
・Kanetsu Traffic Numata Sales Office

5. The following convenience stores near you (6:00-23:00 / 2 days before boarding until 17:00)
[Important] Handling at convenience stores will be suspended at 2022:6 on June 30, 22.
・ Lawson [Stores with Loppi terminals nationwide]
・ Seven-Eleven [Stores with multi-copy terminals nationwide]

Boarding place

Busta Shinjuku 4F


Nerima Station (in front of the ward office)

Kawagoe Station West Exit

You can print from the link below.
 Note) Please check the size in the print preview.

Numata interchange Iriguchi

"Dobashi" bus stop

Fukiware no Taki

Fukiware no Taki Bus Stop

Hanasaku entrance

"Kiridoshi" bus stop


Tsuchiide Onsen

Oze Tokura


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