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Akagiyama Onuma area / Akagi Nature Park walking course

Important Announcements

About suspension of regular sightseeing bus service

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infections in Gunma Prefecture
Regular sightseeing buses will be suspended for the time being.

Suspended course
●Konjac Park, Tomioka Silk Mill, Hara Museum ARC Tour Course
Mt. Akagi Onuma Area/Akagi Nature Park Walking Course (this course)

Day to rest
● Suspended from July 2022, 8 (resumption undecided)

Contact us
● Kanetsu Kotsu Planning Department TEL 0279-22-2020 (Representative weekdays 9:00 to 17:30)

Operation period

Operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from April 4st to October 1st

Course introduction

Takasaki Station East Exit(8:30) We are waiting for you at the East Exit No. 2 platform!
Take a walk around Mt. Akagi(10:00)
 Stop at "Kakumanbuchi Entrance", "Akagi Square", "Akagiyama Visitor Center" bus stop
 You can get on and off according to each walking plan!
 * The red "Tokitori Bridge" from Akagiyama Onuma to Akagi Shrine has been closed for a while.
Lunch (Aoki Ryokan Main Building)(12:15)
 Pakuri Wakasagi set meal!
 Wakasagi grown in Akagi Onuma is popular because it has no odor and is delicious!
 * If you need to consider food allergies, please contact us by phone after making a reservation.
Akagi Shizen-en(13:45)
 Forest bathing at "Forest Therapy Base"! Experience healing in the "Forest that nurtures happiness" ♪
Ikaho Onsen (15: 55)Only for getting off
 Ikaho OnsenGet a free one-way bus ticket to Shibukawa Station!
(Only for those who made a reservation by getting off at Ikaho Onsen)
 After getting off the regular sightseeing bus, please use it on your way home from sightseeing in Ikaho.
 Those who plan to stay at Ikaho's inn can use it the next day!
Takasaki Station West Exit(17:10)
 Thank you for boarding.
 You can also buy souvenirs at the souvenir corner of Takasaki Station on your way home!

Akagiyama Japanese azalea (car window) © Guguttogunma


〇 Online reservation
You can make a reservation from the above link.You can also pay by credit card or convenience store.

Reservation by phone
Regular Tour Bus Reservation Center
(8: 30-17: 30 / Open all year round)
 Payment isCash payment on the dayIt will be.Please prepare so that there is no change.

・ About change / cancellation after online reservation
 Please tell us your inquiry number.
 Please note that we cannot accept requests for seats.

* Reservations are required from April 2022, 4.
If there is no reservation by 15:XNUMX on the day before the departure date, the service will be canceled.
(If there is even one person making a reservation, it will operate, so please contact the Regular Tourist Information Center.)

Course Details

 ○ Boarding / alighting place
Boarding: Takasaki Station East Exit ② Platform
Get off: Ikaho Onsen, Takasaki Station West Exit
○ Fares
・ Takasaki Station ⇒ Get off at Ikaho Onsen Adults: 5,800 yen Children: 3,400 yen
 Includes a free one-way bus ticket from Ikaho Onsen to Shibukawa Station
・ Takasaki Station ⇒ Takasaki Station Adults: 6,000 yen Children: 3,500 yen
(Each facility admission fee, lunch fee included)

〇Be careful about your clothes as the temperature around Mt. Akagi is about 10 degrees lower than the level ground.

If you get on

Takasaki Station East Exit ② Platform

If you get off

Ikaho Onsen
Takasaki Station West Exit

Contact us

Regular sightseeing bus contact information
(8: 30-17: 30 / Open all year round)

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