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Kichijoji - Kusatsu Onsen Line


Operation period

  Operates daily from Monday, November 2023, 11

Kichijoji - Kusatsu Onsen Line Information

Operation formHigh-speed shared bus (routed bus)
Operating companyKan-etsu Transportation Co., Ltd., Kanto Bus Co., Ltd.
Actual vehicle distance174km
Required Time
3 hours 40 minutes to 3 hours 50 minutes (estimate)
driver1 crew 
Voluntary insuranceUnlimited personal compensation
Boarding placePlease check below
4-row seat
There is a restroom (you will also take a restroom break at SA)
Vehicles are subject to change

Operating timetable

Time from March 2024, 3
To Kusatsu Onsen Bus TerminalTo Kichijoji Station
JR Kichijoji Station North Exit ⑥
Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal ②
Shibukawa Station②
Getting off10:05
Nakanojo Station Iriguchi7:1514:25
Nakanojo Station Iriguchi10:40
Shibukawa Station
Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal
11: 20
Kichijoji Station
Getting off10: 1517:40

*There may be a delay depending on the road conditions.

Information flyerby clicking here(PDF)


Kichijoji Station
One way (yen)
Round trip (yen)
Shibukawa Station
2,600 (1,300)
4,800 (2,400)
Nakanojo Station Iriguchi3,000 (1500)5,400 (2,700)
Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal3,800 (1,900)7,200 (3,600)
*() is the fare for children.
*If you have a disability certificate, you will get a 50% discount on the one-way fare.
*For children under 6 years old, please pay the child fare to secure a seat. It is recommended to secure a seat for safety.

Ticket sales location

□ Departure Purchased on the all-in-one
 Departure all-in-one ( Click to make a reservation) Please make a reservation. 
 (5:00 to 26:00 / 16:00 the day before boarding)
 Payment Method
  ·Credit card
  ・ Convenience payment
    Lawson Ministop (Loppi)
    FamilyMart (multi-copy machine)
   *If you are asked to enter something other than the reservation number, such as a "payment code" or "first number", please enter "BUS".

●You can purchase tickets from one month before the boarding date.
●For reservations after the reservation deadline, please contact the Information Center
For children under 6 years old, please pay the child fare to secure a seat. It is recommended to secure a seat for safety.

Platform information

JR Kichijoji Station


JR Shibukawa Station


Nakanojo Station Iriguchi


Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal


About free tickets that are convenient for transferring to route buses

When going to Ikaho Onsen/Shima Hot Spring, please get off at JR Shibukawa Station/Nakanojo Station entrance and transfer to a route bus.
When transferring to a route bus, please use the discounted free ticket below.
■Shibukawa Ikaho Onsen free ticket
 ・One-day ticket: Adults 1 yen, Children 1,000 yen
 ・One-day ticket: Adults 2 yen, Children 1,500 yen
 ・Free boarding area
  JR Shibukawa Station - Ikaho Onsen/Ikaho Harunaguchi Line
 ・Benefits Shibukawa city facility discounts

■Shima Hot Spring bus 2-day free ticket
 ・One-day ticket: Adults 2 yen, Children 2,000 yen
 ・Free boarding area
  JR Nakanojo Station - Nakanojo Gardens - Shima Hot Spring Line
  JR Nakanojo Station - Sawatari Onsen Line (valid only between JR Nakanojo Station and Nakanojo Gardens)
 ・Bonus Shima Hot Spring facility discount

Inquiries (calls from IP phones are not accepted)

Kanto Bus Seat Center (9:00-17:00) 03-3386-5489  Kanto Bus Co., Ltd. official homepage
Kanetsu Transportation Information Center (9:00-18:00) 0120-12-8805
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