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Shima Onsen/Sawatari Onsen/Nakanojo Town/Higashi Agatsuma Town Area

Bus Stop Information

Nakanojo Station
Shima Hot Spring line 
For Sawatari Onsen 
Gunmaharamachi Station
To Yunakago
Odo/Okashiwagi(Departure from Haramachi Station)
To Odo/Okashiwagi/ (departing from Nisseki Byoin)
To Nisseki Byoin (departure from Odo/Okashiwagi)

How to ride on the bus

Timetable/Fare Chart

[IC introduction line] Nakanojo Station-Uenomachi-Shima Hot Spring Line

[IC introduction line] Nakanojo Station-Yamada-Sawatari Onsen Line

Timetable (revised 2022 3, 12)                  Timetable  

[No IC Card Route] Haramachi Station/Tengunoyu/Haramachi Station Line (Some buses do not go by Higashi-Agatsuma Yakuba)

*Jumbo taxi (high-ace type) 9 passengers

[No IC Card Route] Haramachi Station/Yunakago Line (The route differs depending on the bus. Behind A Corp./Nisseki Byoin/Azuma Onsen Kikyokan/Onogami Station)

*All services are closed on weekends and holidays
*Jumbo taxi (high-ace type) 9 passengers

[IC introduction route] Agatsuma Chuo High School, Nakanojo Station, Haramachi Station North Exit, Higashiagatsuma Town Hall, JRCS Hospital-Oto-Sakaue Line

*All services are closed on Sundays and public holidays.
*Miniature bus

June 2021, 1 , Higashiagatsuma Town Consignment Bus Oto Line (Agatsuma Chuo High School-JRC Hospital-Haramachi Station-Oto-Shimizu / Asamakakushi Onsenkyo Line) and Gonda Line (Gonda Garage-Oto-Okashiwagi Line) will be reorganized.
The Odo Line will be newly operated as the Odo Line (Azuma Chuo High School-JRC Hospital-Haramachi Station-Odo-Sakaue Line).
Route bus services in the Hagyu, Okashiwagi, and Sugao areas that do not go through the Odo Line will be outsourced to Rose Queen Transportation Co., Ltd. from Higashiagatsuma Town.
For more information, please contact Higashiagatsuma Town Hall or Rose Queen Transportation Co., Ltd. (0279-26-3770).

〇Information on transit discounts
Kanetsu Kotsu: Odo Line and Rose Queen Transportation Co., Ltd .: If you are connecting at the "Odo" or "Sakaue" stop on the Gonda Hagio Line, Okashiwagi Line, or Sugao Line, you will need to issue a transfer ticket in the car when you get off. If you submit it on the bus you are connecting to, you will get a 100 yen discount (50 yen for children) for each one-way trip.

Service Office (Contact Information)

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