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Ticket Book

End of sales of Oze cards in Tone-Numata and Azuma districts

"Oze Bus Card"as well as the "Respect for the Aged Oze Card"Will shift to IC cards as the system ages.
Tone Numata/Azuma areaThe sale will end on March 2023, 5 (Reiwa 3).
You can continue to use your bus card until the expiration date.

1. Target bus card
 Oze Card/Oze Senior Citizen Card
 Target route
 ● Tone-Numata area
  Kamata Line, Sarugakyo Line, Minakami Line, Kawaba Junction Line, Nakayama Honjuku Line,
  Kashozan Line, Sayama Line, Iwamoto Line, Nango Line, Nagai Line, Nakano Line, Akaya Line
 ● Agatsuma district
  Shima Line, Sawatari Line, Oto Line, Yunakako Line, Tengu no Yu Line

2. Release end date
 Friday, April 2023, 5 (3th year of Reiwa)

3. End date of use (period during which the Oze card can be used)
 Wednesday, January 2024, 6 
General 3,000 yen
General 3,000 yen
Senior 3,000 yen
Senior 3,000 yen

End of use of bus cards (Maebashi, Takasaki, Shibukawa areas)

Thank you for using Kan-etsu Transportation Co., Ltd. and Gunma Prefecture route buses.
The following bus cards will shift to IC cards due to aging of the system,It will be discontinued on March 2023, 5 (Raiwa 3).

XNUMX. Target bus card
 ・Gunma Prefecture Common Bus Card (Gunnet)
  1,000 yen ticket / 3,000 yen ticket / 5,000 yen ticket
 ・Keiro bus card
  2,000 yen ticket / 3,000 yen ticket / 5,000 yen ticket
 ・Oze Card, Oze Keiro Card
 * In addition, a driver's license voluntary return support bus card (Koroton Buska), etc.

2. End date of use (Period during which the bus card can be used)
  Until Friday, March XNUMX, XNUMX

3. Routes that will be discontinued by our company
 ● Maebashi Takasaki district
  Takasaki Shibukawa Line, Maebashi Shibukawa Line, Maebashi Park Line, Kawaramachi Line (via Midorigaoka, via Attached Elementary School),
  Maebashi Kinko Ozukadai Line, Maebashi Tsuchiya Bunmei Line, Maebashi Fujimi Onsen Line, Fujimi Onsen Akagiyama Line,
 ●Shibukawa area
  Shibukawa Ikaho Onsen Line, Shibukawa consignment line (Shibukawa Onsen apple housing complex line, Aobadai housing complex line, Kandawara Sobojima circulation line,
  Onogami Onsen Line, Sakuragi Line, Minami Kashiwagi Line, Katsuhozawa Line, Miyama Line, Ikaho Town Bus Line 3)

4.Inquiries about Gunma Prefecture common bus card (each company weekdays 9: 00-17: 00) 
 Kanetsu Kotsu Planning Department 0279-22-2020
 Nagai Bus Maebashi Sales Office 027-265-5088
 Joshin Bus Takasaki Sales Office 027-388-9250
 Gunma Chuo Bus Shared Bus Division 027-280-8606
 Nippon Chuo Bus Operation Department 027-287-4422
 Gunma Bus Minago General Bus Center 027-371-8588 

5. Our refund counter
 Kanetsu Transportation Shibukawa Office (303-1 Ishihara, Shibukawa City)
 Maebashi Station Bus Information Center (inside JR Maebashi Station)

*Please note that the Kanetsu Kotsu Maebashi Office cannot handle this due to equipment failure.
*Only cards with our company name on the bottom right of the front of the card or cards with six company names on them are available.
*If only the name of another company is written on the bottom right of the front of the card, please contact the relevant bus company.
General 1,000 yen
General 3,000 yen
General 5,000 yen
Senior 2,000 yen
Senior 3,000 yen
Senior 5,000 yen

Other Ticket Books (as of 2020 7, 15)

Gourrin exclusive coupon
1,000 yen (100 yen 12 tickets)
Maebashi Station ⇔ Shibukawa Station 
Section designated coupon
3,400 yen (640 yen 8 tickets spelled) Valid only between Maebashi Station and Shibukawa Station
Takasaki station city ⇔ Shibukawa station city 
Section coupon
3,100 yen (spelling 6 sheets) Available between all stops between Takasaki Station and Shibukawa Station
 ≪Purchase privilege≫
① AEON MALL Takasaki Tsukiji Shokudo Gen-chan / Gen-chan bowl (seafood bowl) 1,180 yen (excluding tax) → 700 yen (excluding tax) / 1 person 
② Gunma Onsen Yasuragi-no-Yu Admission fee 100 yen discount, 1 person
Numata Station ⇔ Kamada 
Section designated coupon
5,450 yen (1,600 yen 5 tickets spelled) Valid only between Numata Station and Kamata
Apple coupon ticket
11,250 yen (950 yen 16 tickets spelled) Numata Station to Gundai Hospital Line "Apple" only
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