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*When making inquiries,Privacy Policy and complete the form if you agree with the terms.
*Please note that depending on the content of your question, it may take some time to confirm the facts and we may not be able to answer.
■The content of the response is addressed to the customer himself/herself; please refrain from diverting part or all of the content of the response or using it for secondary purposes.
We will respond to comments, requests, and inquiries received on Saturdays and holidays one day after the next business day.
■ We will not respond to any inquiries or opinions unrelated to our company or business operations (such as solicitations).

Inquiry Form

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Please be sure to read the "Privacy Policy" below, and after agreeing, proceed to the confirmation screen.
(1) Acquisition of personal information
We collect personal information by legal and fair means.When requesting users to provide personal information, we will disclose the purpose of collection and the content of use in advance, and within the scope of our legitimate business, personal information to the extent necessary for that purpose. Will be collected.
The collected personal information will be retained for the period necessary to maintain our business activities, and will be disposed of in an appropriate manner when the purpose is achieved.

(2) Use and sharing of personal information
We will use the personal information entrusted to us within the scope of the consent of the person who received the personal information and within the scope of the purpose of collection.Regarding the purpose of use, within the scope of the following "purpose of use", we will use the matters necessary to achieve that purpose within the scope of our legitimate business.
● About the scope of the purpose of use
・ When you contact for business
・ When providing information on products and services handled by the Company
・ When responding to inquiries or requests from users
・ In the case of notifying the user in advance and having obtained their consent
● Use for purposes other than the above
If the Company needs to use the user's personal information for purposes other than the above, the Company shall obtain the user's consent to such use, unless permitted by laws and regulations.

(3) Provision of personal information to a third party
The Company do not provide your personal information to third parties without your consent. However, this does not apply if there are special circumstances such as legal obligations that the Company should obey due to laws and other rules applicable to personal information.

(4) Procedures for disclosure and correction of personal information
If you would like to introduce, correct, or delete the personal information provided by the user, please contact the contact point for inquiries.The personal information of the user within a reasonable period of time only when it can be confirmed that the request is made by the user himself / herself, except when the request causes a significant hindrance to our business. Will be disclosed, corrected and deleted.

Compliance with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information

We will comply with the laws and norms related to protecting the personal information that applies to the personal information we hold. In addition, we will judge this policy following Japanese law and other standards. This policy stipulates our basic policy regarding the handling of personal information. We will endeavor to protect personal data based on laws and norms such as the Personal Information Protection Law by this policy.

About safety management measures for personal information

We will protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information, maintain a management system to ensure accuracy and safety, and implement appropriate security measures in addition to restricting outsiders from entering the office handling personal information, conducting education and awareness-raising activities for all officers and employees involved in the protection of personal information of the Company, as well as assigning a manager to appropriately manage personal information.
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