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Notice regarding transportation IC cards

About changing the type of commuter pass (Takasaki City, Maebashi City, Shibukawa City, Yoshioka Town, Shinto Village District)

From April 2022st (Friday), 4 (Reiwa 4th year), "Money IC commuter pass" will be on sale on the following routes.
"Amount-type IC commuter pass" is a section within the set amount of the purchased amount-type IC commuter pass.
This is a commuter pass that allows you to freely use the Kanetsu Kotsu bus (excluding some).

We will record the commuter pass information on your "PASMO" and "Suica" and sell it.
If you do not have an IC card, please purchase one at the station / Kanetsu Kotsu Information Center.

1. Release start date
 Friday, April 2022, 4 (4th year of Reiwa)

2. Monetary IC commuter pass applicable route
 ① Maebashi Station-Gunma Hospital-Nankitsu housing complex-Gunma University Aramaki Line
 ② Maebashi Station-Gunma University Aramaki-Pediatric Medical Center / Shibukawa Station Line
 ③ Keyaki Walk Maebashi / Maebashi Station-Fujimi Onsen / Akagiyama Line
 ④ Maebashi Station-Maebashi Park (Green Dome Maebashi) Line
 ⑤ Maebashi Station-Kawaharamachi-General Sports Center Line
 ⑥ Maebashi Station-Kaneko Otsukadai housing complex line
 ⑦ Maebashi Station-Tsuchiya Civilization Literature Museum Line
 ⑧ Shibukawa Station-Gunma Onsen-AEON MALL Takasaki-Takasaki Station Line
 ⑨ Maebashi Station-Otobashi Dori-Kanetsu Kotsu Maebashi Sales Office Line
 ➉ Gunma University Aramaki Elementary School-Aramaki-Comprehensive Sports Center Line
 ⑪ Shibukawa Station-Ikaho Onsen / Ikaho Harunaguchi * Available only between Shibukawa Station and Rojin Center Iriguchi
 ⑫ Shibukawa Onsen-Shibukawa Station-Ringo Danchi Line * Available only between Shibukawa Onsen-Shibukawa Station-Rojin Center Iriguchi

3. Types of monetary IC commuter passes
 ・ Registration ceremony: Released on the registration ceremony "PASMO" and "Suica"
  Commuting / school commuter pass (adult)
  Commuter pass (children)
  * Can also be sold on Mobile Suica
 ・ Bringer ceremony ... Released on the bearer "PASMO"
  Commuter pass (adult)

4. Monetary IC commuter pass sales location
 ・ Kanetsu Kotsu Maebashi Sales Office / Shibukawa Sales Office
 ・ Maebashi Station Bus Information Center
 ・ Gunma University Aramaki (Gunma University Co-op)
 ・ Nakamura Oil (Mitsudera-cho, Takasaki City) 
 * "PASMO" will not be sold at Maebashi Station Bus Information Center, Gunma University Aramaki and Nakamura Oil.
  Bring your own "PASMO", "Suica", "Mobile Suica" or
  Please purchase "PASMO" at each Kanetsu Kotsu sales office near you.

About IC commuter pass (Takasaki City, Maebashi City, Shibukawa City, Yoshioka Town, Shinto Village District) For printing

(2021-12-27, 735KB)

Routes on which IC Cards Can Be Used

Available on the following routes.
・Maebashi Station-Gunma University Aramaki-Shibukawa Station
・Maebashi Station-Gundai Hospital, Nankitsu Danchi, Gunma University Aramaki
・Maebashi Station-So Go Sports Center
・Keyaki Walk Maebashi-Maebashi Station-Fujimi Onsen-Akagiyama Visitor Center
・Maebashi Station-Maebashi Koen (Green Dome Maebashi)
・Maebashi Station-Kanekootsukadai Danchi
・Maebashi Station-Tsuchiya Bummei Bungakukan
・Takasaki Station-AEON MALL Takasaki-Gunma Onsen-Shibukawa Station
・Shibukawa Station-Ikaho Onsen
・Shibukawa Station-Akagi Shizen-en
・Shibukawa Station-Shibukawa Iryo Center
・Ringo Danchi-Shibukawa Station-Shibukawa Onsen
・Shibukawa Station - Miyama Line
・Shibukawa Station - Katsubozawa Line
・Shibukawa Station - Minami-Kashiwagi Line
・Shibukawa Station - Aobadai - Ringo Danchi Line
・Shibukawa Station - Kandawara/Sobojima Line
・ Ikaho Town Bus Line XNUMX
・Shibukawa Station - Onogami Onsen Line
・Shibukawa Station - Sakuranoki/Ueno Entrance Line
・Ono Kamikomochi area reservation type bus
・Nakanojo Station - Shima Onsen
・Nakanojo Station-Sawatari Onsen
・Jomokogen Station-Minakami Station-Tanigawadake Ropeway Station, Yunokoya
・Jomokogen Station-Numata Station-Oigami Onsen-Kamata-Oze Tokura, Oshimizu
・In front of Numata City Health and Welfare Center-Numata Station-Jomokogen Station-Sarugakyo
・Kamata-Nikko Shiranesan Ropeway-Yumoto Onsen
・ Nakanojo Station, Azuma Chuo High School, JRCS Hospital-Haramachi Station-Oto-Sakaue
 ・ Gururin Oyagi Line
 ・Goururin Kozuke Kokubunji Line
 ・Gururin Kamitsuke no Sato Line
 ・Showamura Nagai Line
 ・Showamura Nakano loop line
 ・Showamura Akaya loop line 
 ・Showamura Demand Bus "Vegetable Bus"
 ・Kawaba Village loop line
 ・Tengu-no-Yu circulation line
 ・Yunakako Line
*Because the buses are equipped with simple equipment, you cannot charge the card on the bus.
 Please charge the card in advance at a station or convenience store.
*Not available on highway buses

Purchase/Charge of IC Card "PASMO"

・The initial purchase price starts from JPY 1,000.
 [Deposit (which will be returned at the time of refund with a deposit) 500 yen + SF (the amount that can be used) 500 yen]
・The IC card "PASMO" is sold at railway stations of PASMO operators and at PASMO installation offices of bus operators.
*Also available at each Kanetsu Kotsu Operating Office (excluding Kamata Operating Office).
*Not available on the bus.
・ If the balance of the IC card (SF balance) is insufficient, you can charge (deposit) at the nearest station (automatic ticket vending machine, etc.) or convenience store, and you can also charge (deposit) on the bus. ..
・Only 1,000 yen (banknote) can be charged on the bus. Please contact the driver.
・The auto charge function cannot be used inside the bus.
・ Since the routes operated by jumbo taxi are simple equipment, they do not support charging on the bus.Please charge at stations, convenience stores, etc. in advance.

How to Use

Please touch the IC card to the terminal on the left twice when getting on and off.
*If multiple passengers use one card, discount fare is applied, or child fare is used with an adult IC card, driver settings are required.Please inform the driver before touching when getting off. During the setting, please wait a step away from the fare box to prevent accidental touches.

About the Bus Benefits Service (Basutoku)

About the end of service

Thank you for using the Kanetsu Kotsu Bus.

The "Bus Use Bonus Service (Bus Special)" will be terminated as follows because it fulfilled the original purpose of popularizing and promoting the use of IC cards.

・ End date of granting "Bus Points": March 2022, 3

* The "Bonus Bus Ticket" is valid for 10 years from the date of grant. You can use it on our route bus after April.

Service contents

・This service provides "perk bus tickets" that can be used for bus fare payment according to the amount used each month (1 whole month, from the 1st to the end of the month).
・If you use a bus to which "basutoku" is applied in SF (prepaid card balance), "bus points" will be recorded (accumulated) on the prepaid card according to the bus usage amount for one month (1st to the end of each month). .. (A "bus point" is given each time you use it.)
・By the "bus points" recorded (accumulated) in the prepaid card (every 1,000 bus points), "perk bus tickets" are automatically recorded (accumulated) in the same prepaid card. (A special bus ticket will be issued for every 1,000 bus points.)
・The "perk bus ticket" will be automatically used to pay the bus fare the next time you use a "basutoku" route.
・The "bus point" and the "perk bus ticket" are valid only for use on routes to which the "basutoku" applies.

About bus points

・For Kan-etsu Kotsu, one bus point is recorded for each JPY 1 of fare payment by SF (prepaid card balance).
・Up to 10,000 bus points can be recorded (accumulated) on prepaid cards.
・If the number of bus points exceeds 10,000, it will be repeatedly recorded (accumulated) from 0 bus points.
・The following month, a new recording (accumulation) will be made from 0 bus points.

About Perk Bus Tickets

・The perk bus ticket will be automatically used in units of 10 yen to pay the bus fare.
・If you cannot use all of your perk bus tickets in one use of the bus, it will be used automatically for the next and subsequent uses.
・Perk bus tickets are valid for 10 years. (Please use within 10 years.)
・Bus points will not be recorded (accumulated) for the use of perk bus tickets.

About the Amount of Perk Bus Tickets Received when Riding the Bus

The "Bus Benefits Service (basutoku)" is a registered trademark of the Common Bus IC Card Association.

About Prepaid Transportation Cards

You can use the following prepaid cards.

You can use the following 10 types of prepaid transportation cards.
"Hayaka Ken"
・"PASMO" is a registered trademark of Pasmo Co., Ltd.
・"Suica" is a registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company.
・"Kitaca" is a registered trademark of Hokkaido Railway Company.
・“Manaca” is a registered trademark of Nagoya Transportation Development Organization Co., Ltd. and MICC Co., Ltd.
・"TOICA" is a registered trademark of Tokai Passenger Railway Co., Ltd.
-"PiTaPa" is a registered trademark of Surutto KANSAI Co., Ltd.
・“ICOCA” is a registered trademark of West Japan Railway Company.
・"Hayakaken" is a registered trademark of Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau.
・"Nimoca" is a registered trademark of West Japan Railway Co., Ltd.
・"SUGOCA" is a registered trademark of Kyushu Railway Company.

About PASMO procedures (lost, refund, etc.)

・For procedures for reissuing or refunding your PASMO, please see the PASMO website.

・If you request from someone other than yourself, a power of attorney may be required, so please check in advance.

Handling of IC cards for people with disabilities

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