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Joshu Area Tour Tickets

Information on Joshu Area Tour Tickets

Express Bus「Shima Onsen Go」"Oze Go"This is a free ticket that is sold only to those who use.
Unlimited use of our designated route buses adjacent to the highway bus.
We introduce the model course below, so it is recommended for customers planning a round trip.

* Of the "Oze", it will not be sold on flights operated by Kawagoe Motor.
*This will be abolished as of September 2023, 9.


Adult 2,000 yen, Child 1,000 yen

Valid period

Valid for 3 days from boarding date

Designated route

1 Shibukawa Station-Ikaho Hot Spring Line
2 Nakanojo Station - Shima Hot Spring Line
3 Nakanojo Station-Sawatari Line
4 Numata City Health and Welfare Center-Numata Station-Sarugakyo Line
5 Jomokogen Station-Mizukami Station-Tanigawa Ropeway/Yunoya Line
6 Kamata-Mt. Fuji/Oshimizu-Mt. Fuji
Jomo-Kogen Station-Numata Station-Kamata-Hatomachi Pass Bus Office, Tokura Ski Area, Oshimizu Line
Kamata-Marunuma Kogen Ski Resort Line
8 Highway bus: Shima Hot Spring Line, Shima Hot Spring → Nakanojo Station Entrance → Shibukawa Station (excluding Onogami Station)
Designated route map
Designated route map


  • This ticket will be sold only to highway bus users designated by our company.
  • When using this ticket, be sure to show it to the crew.
  • If you cannot show this ticket due to the loss of this ticket, we will charge the normal fare for the boarding section.
  • Refunds for tickets will only be accepted before use.
  • We will not reissue it due to loss.

Ticket sales location

○Kanetsu Kotsu Co., Ltd. Sales offices
・Azuma Sales Office (0279-75-3811) ・Shibukawa Sales Office (0279-24-5115) ・Numata Sales Office (0278-23-1111)
・ Kamada Sales Office (0278-58-3311)  
○Our designated express bus
・Shima Hot Spring Line (Information Center 0120-12-8805)
・Oze (Information Center 0120-53-0215)
○ Kanetsu Kotsu Co., Ltd. designated sales office
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