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Commuter Pass/Ticket Book Sales Counter

●Some commuter passes cannot be sold at some consignment outlets, so please contact the service office.
●We provide commuter pass intermediary service on the bus of each service office (Shibukawa, Numata, Kamata, Azuma, Maebashi). (Same ticket type/section only)
 ●Bus card coupons are sold on the bus, but in the Tone Numata area, only the Oze card will be sold.
 ●Please contact the nearest sales office for the Keiro Bus Card sales office.
NameCommuter PassBus card


ordinaryWeekdayWeekdaysGun Net
Oze Card
Shibukawa/Maebashi area (service office: Shibukawa/Maebashi office)
Shibukawa Operating OfficeShibukawa City Ishihara Central Hospital North Side
Maebashi Operating OfficeMaebashi City Soja Town
Maebashi Station Bus Information Center--Maebashi station premises Vento Maebashi
Maebashi Taikido--Near the Honmachi bus stop in Honmachi, Maebashi
Prefectural office co-op--------Gunma Prefectural Office basement 1st floor
Y Shop Maebashi Government Office--------Maebashi City Omotemachi Maebashi Joint Government Building 1st floor
Gundai Co-op--
Gunma University Aramaki Campus/Showa Campus
*Only for university students and staff
Takasaki Station General Information Center------Takasaki Station West Exit Bus Terminal
Gunma Onsen--------Takasaki City Kanekomachi Gunma Onsen Yasuragi no Yu
Nakamura Oil--Mitsuji Temple, Gunma Town, Takasaki City Eneos at the Mitsuji intersection
Ikegawa--Ikaho Onsen Hotel across from Matsumotoro
Numata Area (Operating Sales Office: Numata Sales Office)
Numata Operating Office--Haruna Town, Numata City
Kawaba Village Tourism Association--Kawabamura Hagimuro Roadside station in the Garden Plaza
Kamata area (service office: Kamata office)
Kamata Operating Office--Katashina Village Kamata 
Marumitsu--------Takatoya, Tone Town, Numata City
Azuma area (service office: Azuma office)
Agatsuma Operating Office--Nakanojo Town Ise Town
Takahashi Mori Shoten--Along Nakanojo station square street (only for agency sales)
Higashi-Azuma Town Hall------Higashi-Azuma Town Hall
Takasaki City Hall Kurabuchi Branch------Kurabuchi Branch
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