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Commuter Pass/Ticket Book Sales Counter

Commuter pass / coupon ticket sales office (from April 2023, 4)

●Some commuter passes cannot be sold at some consignment outlets, so please contact the service office.
● We provide a paper commuter pass in-car agency service on the bus of each service office (Shibukawa, Numata, Kamada, Azuma, Maebashi). (Same ticket type / section only)

Takasaki City, Maebashi City, Shibukawa City, Yoshioka Town, Shinto Village District
NamePaper section commuter pass
IC amount type commuter pass
(Some routes)


Shibukawa/Maebashi area (service office: Shibukawa/Maebashi office)
Shibukawa Operating Office
Shibukawa City Ishihara Central Hospital North Side
Maebashi Operating Office
Maebashi City Soja Town
Maebashi Station Bus Information Center
Maebashi station premises Vento Maebashi
Business hours: Weekdays 9:00 to 18:30, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00 to 17:30
* Commuter passes will be on sale until 30 minutes before the closing time.
* No new PASMO card will be issued.Please bring your IC card.
Maebashi Taikido
Near the Honmachi bus stop in Honmachi, Maebashi
Gundai Co-op
Gunma University Aramaki Campus/Showa Campus
*Only for university students and staff
* IC monetary formula is only available at Aramaki Campus
* No new PASMO card will be issued.Please bring your IC card.
Takasaki Station General Information Center
Takasaki Station West Exit Bus Terminal
* Only available for round-trip commuter passes
Nakamura Oil
Mitsuji Temple, Gunma Town, Takasaki City Eneos at the Mitsuji intersection
* No new PASMO card will be issued.Please bring your IC card.
Numata City, Tone District, Agatsuma District 
NamePaper commuter pass


Numata Area (Operating Sales Office: Numata Sales Office)
Numata Operating OfficeHaruna Town, Numata City
Kawaba Village Tourism AssociationKawabamura Hagimuro Roadside station in the Garden Plaza
Kamata area (service office: Kamata office)
Kamata Operating OfficeKatashina Village Kamata 
Takatoya, Tone Town, Numata City
Azuma area (service office: Azuma office)
Agatsuma Operating OfficeNakanojo Town Ise Town
Higashi-Azuma Town HallHigashi-Azuma Town Hall
Higashi Azuma Town Tourism AssociationInside Gunma Haramachi station building
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