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Mt. Akagi Direct Bus

Counted as one of Japan's hundreds Famous Mountains, it is a magnificent foothill with plenty of things to see, such as the Astragalus azalea and the white birch plateau, centered on Onuma, which is surrounded by 1,800m of peaks.
For leisure and hiking, Mt. Akagi is a tourist area where you can enjoy the charm of the four seasons.
"Summer timetable" will be operated from April 2024, 4.
A convenient and affordable direct bus from Maebashi Station to Mt. Akagi.
Please use it.
Operation section: Maebashi Station - Fujimi Onsen - Mt. Akagi Visitor Center

Payment method: cash, transportation IC card

*Only 1,000 yen bills can be charged on the bus.
 In addition, since automatic charging is not applied, please charge in advance at a station, convenience store, etc. 

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