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Shima Hot Spring Gururin Bus

Service period (2022)

This year's service has ended.

Shima Hot Spring From the ground to Lake OkushimaConnect up to

  "Shima Hot Spring Gururin Bus"

Please use it when you go sightseeing in Shima Hot Spring.
* Mark, rich nature and mysterious cobalt blue lake
(Lake Okushima) is popular with tourists.

[Tourist information]

Guidance of service

[IC not accepted] Fare Shimagawa Dam - Seiryu no Yu - Tsukimi Bridge - Yuzuriha - Shimagawa Dam Line

■ 1-day ticket 
 Adult 500 yen (junior high school students and above)
 Children 250 yen (elementary school students and younger)
 Where to sell Shima Hot Spring association or sales accommodation

■Normal fare (one ride)
If you do not have a 1-day ticket, please put the following fare directly into the fare box.
 Adult 500 yen (junior high school students and above) 
 Child 250 yen (elementary school students and younger)
   * Please note that no change will be given.

◆ Fare discount
  Persons with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, persons with mental disabilities certificate, and their caregivers
 Half of the above fare (please post your notebook when paying the fare)

Service Office (Contact Information)

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