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About drunk driving prevention instructor certification

What is a drunk driving prevention instructor?

Behind drunk driving are complex factors such as lack of awareness of alcohol and drinking habits that cannot be resolved by simply appealing to morals.
Therefore, after understanding the work environment and local response, we are human resources who carry out training and spread basic knowledge of alcohol and alcohol saving methods.
In the training conducted by the drunk driving prevention instructor, not only is it effective in preventing drunk driving, but it also aims to control "heavy drinking" that causes metabolic syndrome, lifestyle-related diseases, and depression.
We would like to introduce the official certification of "DUI prevention instructor" by the specified non-profit corporation Ask, aiming to eradicate drunk driving and improve health not only for all officers and employees but also for households.
[Qualification holder Kanetsu Kotsu Headquarters Sales Department]

 I'm Kano from the sales department.
 I hold accident prevention workshops including new employees and provide regular education instructors.
 This time, I was certified by ASK (National Citizens' Association for Alcohol Drug Problems) as an ASK drunk driving prevention instructor in 2021 (certification number: 4743).
 This is to deepen your DUI education and acquire specialized knowledge throughout the year.
 In addition, at our company, all officers and employees are working together to prevent drunk driving on a daily basis.
 In the future, we will use the acquired "education / prevention know-how" to provide higher-grade drunk driving prevention education.
 We plan to acquire one qualification in 2021 as well.

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