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XNUMXst Gunma-chan Bus Photo Contest

[Application photo gallery]

Keyaki walk Maebashi"Halloween" event participation (held on October 10) before opening ♪
Shibukawa City Environmental Festival
(10th 9/11 held)
 From April this year, "Maebashi Station-Gundai Hospital, Minami Tachibana Complex, Gunma University Aramaki"run
doingThe first photo contest with the theme "Gunma-chan Bus"The
※We will accept until September 28, 9 (Friday).
 In addition, the submitted works will be "Gunma-chan" until the end of March 29.
On the bus, on the website, etc.
We will give souvenirs to everyone, so many applicationsWe look forward to working with you.
*We will "extend the period" only this time according to the customer's request ♪
 (Initially, August 28, 8-August 16, 28)
XNUMX. Period 
    Between Tuesday, August 28, 8-Friday, September 16, 28

XNUMX. How to apply
   (1) The work is a photo of Gunma-chan bus (both inside and outside the car)
   (2) Any number of points per person is OKRegardless of professional amateur

   * Works that can identify individuals are excluded.
    * Can be mailed (cash on delivery is not possible)
    * There is no specification such as photo size.Mobile phones, etc.It can be a captured image.
  Note) The right to use the work belongs to Kan-etsu Transportation Co., Ltd.
    It may be published on the Internet.

  To the email address below, "Gunma-chan Bus Photo Contest Application"
  Please apply with a title
          <When applying, you do not need your address or contact information. > 

          Destination email address

     Feel free to Facebook/
You can also apply from Twitter
3. Benefits
  (1) The submitted work will be published on the Gunma-chan bus, website, etc.

  (2) After strict examination, give away Gunma-chan goods and other prizes

   ① Grand Prix XNUMX point
   ② Semi-Grand Prix XNUMX points
   ③ XNUMX honorable mentions
   * In addition to the above winners, a limited number of Kan'etsu Kotsu original good ○
    It will be a gift.   

4. Notification of winning
  (1) We will contact you.
  (2) As a general rule, when exhibiting and publishing works※ 1Enter the author's name.
    In addition, we may make corrections when exhibiting.
     ※ 1The mark isIf you would like a handle name, etc., please contact here ⇒
         In that case, it would be greatly appreciated if you could attach the submitted work together.
5. Other
  (1) For works that are considered to be offensive to traffic safety and public order and morals
   It may be deleted.
  (2) It may cause an accident such as going out on the road or approaching a moving vehicle.
   Please do not shoot as it is very dangerous.


Kanetsu Trading Co., Ltd.
℡0279-22-2020 /Fax0279-20-1900 (9:18~XNUMX:XNUMX, only the head office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays)
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