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Agatsuma Valley Shuttle Bus

Operation period

Currently out of service period.
We will let you know when the service is decided. 
 Agatsuma Gorge is near Yanba Dam,It is a valley that stretches for about 3.5km.
 Shuttle busDuring the service period, the fresh green of Agatsuma Gorge is the most beautiful season.By all means, fresh greenPlease enjoy a walk in.


Click here for tourist information on Agatsuma Gorge
Higashi Azuma Town Tourism Association

Information on operating times and route maps (There is a bus stop inside Iwashima Station)


1 ride
  Adults 200 yen Children 100 yen (flat fare)
1-day ticket
  Adult 500 yen Child 200 yen
◆ Fare discount
 Persons with physical disabilities, persons subject to the Child Welfare Act, persons with intellectual disabilities, persons with a mental disability certificate, and their caregivers
 Half price of the above fare (excluding one-day ticket) (Please post your notebook when paying the fare)
〇Payment method
 Please pay in cash.

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