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RecommendationExcellent Tour[December] All-you-can-eat Nakaminato sushi and Oosakiebisu Shrine

Lottery prayer!

[December] All-you-can-eat Nakaminato sushi and Oosakiebisu Shrine

Sales price10,800 yen per person(tax included)
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TEL. 0120-753-815
Recommended points!
A big story using abundant seafood from the sea near Ibaraki!All-you-can-eat fresh sushi!Please enjoy it to your heart's content!Enjoy shopping for fresh fresh fish and shopping at Umeshu (Betsuharukan) and Mentaiko (Mentai Park) at the popular Nakaminatoosakana Market!In addition, you will receive one jumbo lottery at the end of the year!Pray at Oosakiebisu Shrine, which is dedicated to the god who won the lottery, and reverse your life! ??Would you like to dream together?


Departure from various places (scheduled from 6:30 to 8:00)


Oosakiebisu Shrine (Visit / Worship)
One gift of jumbo lottery at the end of the year
★ Pray for a big lottery prize!
★ God of good luck and prosperous business

Mito Betsuharukan (Visit)
★ Plum wine and sake museum
★ A long-established sake brewery that has been around since the Edo period

Nakaminato (Yamasa Fisheries) (lunch / shopping)
★ All-you-can-eat sushi lunch
★ Shopping at Nakaminatoosakana Market

Mentai Park Oarai (Visit / Shopping)
★ Mentaiko theme park operated by Kanefuku
★ Factory tour


Various places (around 19: 15-20: 45)

 departure date
12/18 (Sat) and 12/19 (Sun)

Travel price
one person10,800Yen

 Boarding place
12/18 (Sat) → Tsukiyono Road Information Terminal, Kanetsu Kotsu Numata Sales Office, Showa IC, Shibukawa Station, Maebashi Station South Exit, Kamesato Parking, etc.
12/19 (Sun) → Gunma Haramachi Station North Exit Rotary / Kanetsu Kotsu Azuma Sales Office・ Shibukawa Station ・ Maebashi Station South Exit ・ Kamesato Parking ・ Others 
* About the boarding placeFor more details, click here
* Please contact us for other boarding locations.
・ Only those under the age of 20 need the consent of their parent or guardian.Click here for minor participation agreement
・ Junior high school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian.
・ Seat selection is not possible.Even if you make a reservation for multiple people, your seat may be separated depending on the situation.
・ Please refrain from eating and drinking alcohol on the bus to prevent infection.
・ It may not be possible to operate as scheduled due to traffic conditions.
・ Please measure your body temperature and bring a health check sheet on the morning of the day. (Departure guide enclosed)
・ Customers with a body temperature of 37,5 degrees or higher are not allowed to participate.
・ Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands and wearing a mask when boarding the bus.
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