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RecommendationExcellent Tour[December] Hotel Nikko Niigata All-you-can-eat dim sum and fresh fish shopping

Shopping for fresh seafood and Niigata specialties

[December] Hotel Nikko Niigata All-you-can-eat dim sum and fresh fish shopping

Sales price12,000 yen per person(tax included)
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TEL. 0120-753-815
Recommended points!
* Hotel Nikko Niigata All-you-can-eat dim sum
 About 15 kinds of dishes such as salad, soup, shumai, dumplings, mapo tofu, fried rice, meat dishes, desserts
 It is provided and each dish can be reordered.You don't have to go out for food on your own.Favorite dish
 Please enjoy as much as you like.
* Peer Manyo
 The Sea of ​​Japan side where Niigata's abundant ingredients such as freshly caught fish, fresh vegetables and meat, and famous sake are gathered together
 It is one of the largest markets and is loved by locals and tourists.
* Suwada Seisakusho
 In general, many people use foldable nail clippers, but a nipper-type high-end nail clipper manufacturing factory.
 is.You can easily cut your nails just by squeezing lightly.After cutting your nails, your nails will be so smooth that you don't need to file them.
 increase.The amount is also high!Please see and touch it and compare it with the one you are using now.


Departure from various places (scheduled from 6:00 to 7:30)

 ⇓ (Kan-etsu / Hokuriku Expressway)

Niigata / Imayotsuka Sake Brewery
★ Sake brewery tour and tasting


Hotel Nikko Niigata (lunch)
★ All-you-can-eat dim sum lunch


Busy market peer Manyo
★ Shopping at Bandaijima Fresh Fish Center

 ⇓ (Hokuriku Expressway)

Suwada Seisakusho
★ Nail clipper manufacturing factory tour

 ⇓ (Hokuriku Expressway / Kan-etsu Expressway)

Return to various places (around 19: 00-20: 30)

 departure date
12 / 11 (Saturday)

Travel price
one person12,000Yen

 Boarding place
Tsukiyono Road Information Terminal, Numata Sales Office, Showa IC, Gunma Haramachi Station, Azuma Sales Office, Shibukawa Station, Maebashi Station South Exit, Kamesato Parking, etc.
* About the boarding placeFor more details, click here
* Please contact us for other boarding locations.
About lunch
・ Meals are custom-made, not buffet-style. (First, about 15 kinds of dishes are offered, and each dish can be additionally ordered)

・ Only those under the age of 20 need the consent of their parent or guardian.Click here for minor participation agreement
・ Junior high school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian.
・ Seat selection is not possible.Even if you make a reservation for multiple people, your seat may be separated depending on the situation.
・ Please refrain from eating and drinking alcohol on the bus to prevent infection.
・ It may not be possible to operate as scheduled due to traffic conditions.
・ Please measure your body temperature and bring a health check sheet on the morning of the day. (Departure guide enclosed)
・ Customers with a body temperature of 37,5 degrees or higher are not allowed to participate.
・ Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands and wearing a mask when boarding the bus.
・ Depending on the situation, the Tone Numata area, Agatsuma Shibukawa area, and Maebashi area may all depart jointly.
At that time, some passengers may be required to take a shuttle bus (small bus or taxi) to the confluence of this flight.
© Hotel Nikko Niigata
© Hotel Nikko Niigata
© Beer Bandai
© Imayotsuka Sake Brewery
© Imayotsuka Sake Brewery
© Suwada Seisakusho
© Suwada Seisakusho
© Suwada Seisakusho
© Suwada Seisakusho
© Suwada Seisakusho
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