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Katashina Snow Express Go (Seasonal Operation)

Operation period

 The XNUMX-XNUMX season service has ended.
Thank you for riding with us.

Information for Katashina Snow Express

Operation formHigh-speed shared bus (routed bus)
Operating companyKan-etsu Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Actual vehicle distanceAbout 167km
Required Time
About 3 hours and 40 minutes (including break time at SA on the way)
driver1 crew 
Voluntary insuranceUnlimited personal compensation
Boarding placeBusta Shinjuku/Roadside station Oze katashina
4-row seat
No toilet
(There is a restroom break at SA)

Katashina Snow Express Flyer (for printing)

Operating timetable

Outbound routeReturn
bus stop Times of Daybus stop Times of Day
Busta Shinjuku
Roadside Station Oze Katashina
Roadside Station Oze Katashina
Busta Shinjuku
* We plan to have Miyoshi PA and Akagi SA as restrooms.
*There may be a delay depending on the road conditions.

Is it "Roadside Station Oze Katashina" to the five ski resorts in Katashina Village ("White World Oze Iwakura", "Oguna Hotaka Ski Resort", "Katashina Kogen", "Snow Park Oze Tokura", and "Marunuma Kogen")?Free shuttle bus operates by <complete reservation system>Will be
A reservation is required at the same time as purchasing the ticket.(You cannot board if you do not have a reservation.)

For details, see "Ticket sales location"" Information About the free shuttle bus to the ski resort ≫ThePlease look.


One way (yen)Round-trip discount (yen)
*() is the fare for children.
* If you have a physical disability certificate or nursing certificate, you will get a 5% discount on the one-way fare only. (Be sure to bring a certificate such as a notebook when boarding. If you do not show it, you will be required to pay the difference from the regular fare.)
* Duplicate discounts are not available.
* Up to 6 children under 2 years old are free of charge, but seats cannot be used.
If you want to reserve a seat, please pay the child fare.For safety reasons, we recommend securing a seat.

Ticket sales location

① Internet site "High Speed ​​Bus Net"
Click here for high-speed bus net (external link)
(5: 00-25: 00/1 month before boarding to 15:00 the day before)
Payment Method
・ Convenience store payment (Lawson, Ministop, FamilyMart, Seven-Eleven)

* Information on baggage for Katashina Snow Express
Automatically sent when making a reservation on "High Speed ​​Bus Net"
By confirmation emailBringing in skis and snowboardsThere is a description that can not be done,This flightCan be brought into the bust trunk.

② Convenience store(* Available at Lawson and Ministop nationwide. (Excluding some stores) )

・ Since it is a seat reservation system, please be sure to purchase a ticket before boarding.
・ Please purchase from one month before the boarding date to 15pm the day before.The purchase of the ticket will be "reservation completed".
・ Please note that if you forget your ticket or lose it, you will have to repurchase it.

≪Notice About free shuttle bus to ski resort≫
・ Five ski resorts in Katashina Village ("White World Oze Iwakura", "Oguna Hotaka Ski Resort", "Katashina Kogen"  
 There is a free shuttle bus from "Roadside Station Oze Katashina" to "Snow Park Oze Tokura" and "Marunuma Kogen").
 <appointment only>It will be operated at.
・ Reservation at the same time as purchasing the ticketIs required. (You cannot board if you do not have a reservation.)
When selecting the high-speed bus departure / arrival area, click "+ View bus stop" in the "Oze area" column of "Gunma prefecture"Then,
 Each ski resort can be selected.
 Also, when booking a free transfer to and from the ski resorts, the departure and arrival times indicated on the boarding slip, etc. will be for each ski resort.
 It will be the departure and arrival time of the free shuttle bus.ご 注意 く だ さ い.
* See below for how to select a bus stop"About the selection of bus stops in Gunma prefecture on the high-speed bus net"See also

When making a reservation, please select your desired ski resort from the abbreviations below.
・ White World Oze Iwakura ⇒ Oze Iwakura (Transit to Road Station)
・ Oguna Hotaka ⇒ Oguna Hotaka (Transit to Road Station)
・ Katashina Kogen ⇒ Katashina Kogen (Transit to Road Station)
・ Snow Park Oze Tokura ⇒ Oze Tokura (Transit to Road Station)
・ Marunuma Kogen ⇒ Marunuma Kogen (Transit to Road Station)

The free shuttle bus from "Roadside Station Oze Katashina" to each ski area is not operated by our company (Kanetsu Kotsu).
We cannot guarantee any troubles such as reservations and boarding related matters, operating conditions, accidents, etc. regarding this section.
The free shuttle bus at the ski resort is a direct flight.You cannot get off or board on the way.
For inquiries regarding the free shuttle bus at ski resorts, please contact each ski resort.
・ Cancellations will only be accepted before the departure time of the boarding flight.The procedure isPlease see the high-speed bus net site.A prescribed refund fee will be charged. (1 yen per ticket * A separate fee may be charged depending on the purchase method.)

About selection of bus stop in Gunma prefecture on high-speed bus net

It describes the selection of bus stops in Gunma prefecture within the "High Speed ​​Bus Net", which is often inquired by customers when making reservations.
Please refer when making a reservation.

Boarding place

Busta Shinjuku
 (Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal)
 4th floor C-7 platform
Roadside Station Oze Katashina
Please be careful not to mistake it for "Roadside Station Oze Katashina Mae" on the general route bus.

Information about baggage

* In the "About baggage" column in the "High-speed bus net reservation (payment) confirmation" email that is automatically returned after payment,
There is a statement that skis and snowboards cannot be brought in, but they can be brought in.
* We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you load your luggage (skis, etc.) in the trunk by yourself.
Thank you for your cooperation.
* Please note that we are not responsible for any damage, scratches, theft or loss of luggage checked in the trunk.
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